Laurie Buscher Paintings For Sale


  1.  You will receive an original painting, stretched on canvas, triple glazed with archival varnish then cured in a climate-controlled environment to prevent hazing.
  2.   Paintings are signed and stamped on the back. Front signatures are available upon request.
  3.   Paintings are glazed with a medium gloss however matte or high gloss options are available upon request.
  4.  Nearly all paintings are ready to hang without frames. Those that need a frame will be designated. Website orientation is the artist’s preference however “your house, your rules” apply so feel free to experiment when hanging your art.
  5.  All art will be insured, packaged in archival materials for shipping, and will arrive in a box.
  6. A note about my studio… my inner sanctum is filled with light hearts and loud music. At times there is dancing involved and when I play in paint it does get messy. One of the joys of owning original art is that sometimes the artist leaves a bit of themselves behind. I make every attempt to keep the backs of my canvases clean however they may arrive with a fingerprint or unruly paint drip on the back. A true sign of an original work of art from my hands to your home. 
Original art for sale on canvas

Copyright for all artwork retained by the artist.
Artist retains all rights of reproduction before and after the original is sold.
A commissioned piece is exempt from this policy and will not be reproduced for sale.